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The Parenting


Dr. Frederick interviews with parenting coach, Sue Atkins.

Sleep Motility

Lack of sleep from your first child, may contribute to

secondary infertility. See what Dr. Frederick has to say.

Surrogacy Options

Dr. Frederick explains that there is hope for women that cannot become pregnant.

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"Little Fires Everywhere" and the complexities of

surrogate motherhood.

Stressed Woman

Stress Effects

Stress impacts

nearly every

part of your body.

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Hormone Talk

Dr. Frederick weighs in on hormones and their

effect on your skin.

Endometriosis Awareness Month

Dr. Frederick gives tips on living with endometriosis.

Secondary Infertility

Struggling to conceive your second baby? Dr. Frederick discusses identifying and treating secondary infertility.

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Genetic Screening

Learn how Dr. Frederick

uses genetic testing

to help parents conceive.

Red Apple

Men's Health Month

Lifestyle and genetic

causes of men's


Embryologist Adding Sperm to Egg

Sperm Morphology

The shape of sperm

and how it affects


Embryologist Adding Sperm to Egg

Egg Freezing

Everything You Need to Know About Freezing Your Eggs

About Clomid

Dr. Frederick discusses Clomid, how it works, and when it

might be right for you.

Egg Freezing

Dr. Frederick helps give insight to the benefits of

freezing your eggs.

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When pregnancy fails,

surrogacy is a

second chance.



What Dr. Frederick

wants you to know


COVID-19 Vaccine

Is the new vaccine safe for pregnant women

or nursing moms?

Newborn Baby

Egg Freezing

Why choose Egg Freezing?

Will Health Insurance

help cover the cost?


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