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Success Stories


Dr. Frederick has helped bring more than 3,000 babies into this world. She prides herself on being a part of each patient's journey to creating their family. Be the next to tell your success story.

Prenancy in White

Successful IVF

Dr. Frederick and her staff were with us every step of the way and made us feel so comfortable through out the entire process. Check out HRC and Dr. Frederick, you won't be disappointed.

Pregnant Woman

Successful IVF

I got pregnant the first round of IVF thanks to Dr. Frederick and her team!

If you've been having difficulty conceiving don't give up!


Successful IVF

After struggling to conceive, and a miscarriage, with Dr. Frederick's help, I was able to give birth to twins!


Two Successful IVFs

Dr. Frederick has great bedside manner and she's clearly very intelligent. I love her sweet voice--so reassuring and soothing. I trusted her implicitly.

Baby Boy

Successful IVF

We did extensive research before choosing HRC and Dr. Frederick and we are so thankful we did. We now have a 8 month old beautiful baby boy.


Successful IVF

My experience with HRC and

Dr. Frederick is so positive! We are successfully due with a baby boy in January! Dr. Frederick was wonderful.


Embryo Adoption

This April our miracle babies were born! Dr. Frederick was such a big contributor to making all our dreams come true.


IVF During a Pandemic

...Dr. Frederick is an expert in her field and is a doctor who will be kind but will also be honest with you at all times which I respect. She went out of her way several times to email me personally to check on me and reassure me that we will get through this...


A Blessing All Around

Dr. Frederick and her team are a blessing to me and I am forever grateful for the gift they have given me! They have helped me obtain my dream of becoming a mom!


Dream Come True

The absolute best thing that has ever happened to both (of us).

We would like to thank you again for making this dream a reality.

Mother Holding Baby Finger

Highly Recommend

Going through infertility is so difficult but I am so so thankful that we found Dr. Frederick and her team! We truly feel completely blessed to have our three girls!

Baby's Grasp

Infertility Treatment

We have seen many Dr's and Dr. Frederick was the 1st Dr. to be able to provide us with concrete answers, a treatment plan and results.

Little Baby Feet

Successful IVF

I can't say enough good things about HRC Newport. We had our first consultation with Dr. Frederick in March and were pregnant by August.

Image by Suhyeon Choi

Surrogate Transfer

I was a surrogate and had my transfer with Dr. Frederick. The service was great, I always felt welcomed and all my questions were answered in a professional manner at all times.


Successful Egg Donation

My experience at HRC fertility has been such a positive one. Dr Jane Frederick was instrumental in helping my pregnancy be successful.

Pregnant Woman in a Dress

Successful IVF

Fantastic experience all around!! Dr Frederick is our 6th fertility doctor - and the first one we have been able to get pregnant with.

Holding Tummy

Successful Surrogacy

Dr. Frederick and her staff quite successfully manage to incorporate: 1 part clinical expertise, 1 part professionalism, 1 part discipline and 1 part fun; it was a recipe for success.


Successful IVF

We can’t thank you enough for all that you and your team have done for us. We are eternally grateful. Our little girl is perfect.


Thankful Parents!

She is our little miracle and we are so thankful for you and your entire team!


Bouncing Baby Boy!

Thank you Dr. Frederick and your team for helping us bring this beautiful baby boy into our lives.

Filling Out a Medical Form

Great Consultation

I had the best consultation of my life and I could feel how much Dr. Frederick genuinely cared and expressed any concerns. 


Forever Grateful

We are forever grateful for Dr. Frederick and HRC. From our first meeting with Dr. Frederick we knew we were in wonderful hands.  Our sweet girl was born weighing in at 5 lbs. 10oz.

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